Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12 days of treats - Swimmom

It is not always pretty. Mess but it works. 

12 days of treats. Baking has always been my go to stress relief ( got me through college), the few minute it takes to whip up a batch of cookies shuts out everything and results in happiness in a bite.

 I have an incredible group of kids in my life who work hard in everything they do. Hours in the water swimming, advanced classes in school, volunteering, working and squeezing in time to be a kid.
The way to a swimmers heart is directly through their stomach. Burning 1000's of calories each time they jump in the water means they eat ALL the time. Lets just say I have been known to bribe them to get in the water with food ( not just my own kids).

This time of year I love to spread the love and share my happiness bites. 5 large trays to my husbands office, little treats to my neighbors and this week I will drop off goody bags to a friend to add to back packs being given out to the homeless.

Many of my recipes are from my childhood so all have Canadian origins, are family recipes or I have experimented with on my kids. ( I will keep the disasters to myself )


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