Monday, May 16, 2011

Dragonfly continued

 part 2....

# 4 - Distance between friends SUCKS
Recently I was asked to remove a post from Facebook, actually just a name. You see asking for prayers is not something I do but I figure if I ask for them they should know who actually they are for dont ya think. I also understand that facebook can be viral, I also know that the viral not always is good thing.
I also respect the wishes of family members. She understood! 3 years ago I started training for doing webcasts on line and really was the start to our friendship. Funny thing is my training consisted of here is how you sign in, this is where you pull up the slides and here is the outline...."I know you will be fine" She knew I would learn and pick up along the way. She has more than once talked me off a ledge in regards to business - sharing her years of experience. Years with the company - 8.5  Biggest check $17,000 - over all income $541,396.53

#5 - Cancer - SUCKS
3 times a week we ( Jen & I ) have a friends and family wellness webcast. Over the past 6 years I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about Cancer. My BFF is a 2 times breast cancer survivor and she just turned 35 - cancer does not define her but it sure has made her strong. She is an amazing mom of 3, married to the love of her life and as my daughter says about her friends "she just gets me". I have a magazine ad and our dear Beth to thank for her being in my life. We are as close as 2 people can be that live on opposite sides of the country. I am excited for her to come here to TX to do the 3 day Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure in November. This will be her 4th year in a row and she brings her Jenny's Army of angels. She is my partner in crime, we laugh together, we plan together she is really the flip to my flop. In 7 years her biggest check just over $5000 total earnings $145,324.45 ( not to damn bad for a Stay home mom of 3 who has had 9 surgeries in the last 6 years ) She is sure to show up again in the 365 days of a stamp.

#6 - It is just not fair!
A year ago in August I sat in a room with 5 of the 7 mentioned here and a journey began. That day each of us was given a rubber band - this came from the book, One minute Millionaire. It is a means of changing thoughts that are negative. Each time you say or think something that is not nice or snap the rubber band. We when all returned home we started a conference chat thru skype and I grew to trust and cherish these women more than I already had. I worked with her on some design work - created her blog, designing & branding her logo, setting up her FB and creating ads for online as we work through this I got to really connect with her and get to know her on a one on one basis. About 6 weeks ago a tragic chain of events unfolded and we are very lucky to still have her here with us. She has a long road ahead to recovery but I just know she is going to do amazing things in the years to come. She is a rock, she stretches the limits of her comfort zone but the one thing I have learned from her is to keep it real, we all do deserve to earn a great income and to do great things with it. When she is home I will get the numbers posted of her income, but one truly amazing thing about our business is her business is growing and her check still arrives each and every month....that is a true blessing.

#7 - Love Story cut short - SUCKS

My dear friend lost her husband just a few weeks ago to a senseless motorcycle accident ( the driver that hit him was just not looking ). I did not know her husband more than to say hi at the winery but when he would walk in her eyes lite up. You could see they had that deep love that kind that just shines when they are together. She is the 7th to receive the dragon fly, she is the only one that does not work with me - some day I hope she gets to meet the amazing women who are my silver lining.

Change in me: Life does SUCK but if you let that stop you from living life then you will miss out on all the silver linings. We can not always see the silver lining at the time but embrace the people in your life close and far be present in every day and always look for those silver linings they will show up.

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