Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 43 - + 2 SIL

My husband and I always joke that we have a family bush and not a family tree. I have 2 very special SIL's they come into my life because of my amazing Mother in law. Although we do not live close or have ever had a really close relationship - mostly because we have not lived in the same country for the last 10 years. Thankfully for facebook I am able to keep up with them and their busy lives.

This year we will celebrate a wedding the last of the kids is getting hitched and I could not be happier for them. She has the biggest heart and one of the oldest souls and I love that she has your back even if you dont live close. We will not be able to make it to the wedding but will be celebrating in spirit. Her kind heart puts her in a very noble profession and she amazes me how she can teach a family and parents to get it right so they can stay together - quick on her toes always with a solution.  One day I hope that she and our BIL get on a stage together and do some stand up comedy....

Being a single mom, that is when dad is out of town working for months is not an easy job. I have never had to do it for more than 3 weeks at a time but I know there has been times she has gone months flying solo. She is always on the go not only is she a hockey mom (my friends in Canada you know the commitment that comes with that) - oh and he plays summer league so it never ends she also has a dancer and I think I am missing activities. A few years ago she made the most brave decision, she had a stressful job with a commute and on top of being a single mom a great deal of the time - she like many women made a career change so that she could be home with her kids and not have a commute. She now has her own nail salon in her home and from what I hear a very busy schedule.

Change in me: Family is just really a 6 letter word and whether you share blood or not or if you live close or not or if you see each other or not....celebrate the relationship! Some day I hope to actually have the pleasure of working with the 2 of them....just sayin.


  1. Celebrating with you, Coralee!

  2. Thank you for the kind words and the kind card, we will miss you on our celebratory day however you 4 will be in our hearts! Love to you all!