Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 42 - Royal name

Preschool - our sons attended school together from the age of 3 till we moved from WY. The year before we moved away I knew as a mom that my son needed to be split from her son in school - 6 years together in every class.  The reason was only so that my son would learn to make new friends because once we moved to TX he would not know anyone. What a year it was 4th grade - bullies and it was a tough year for my son learning some hard lessons. The 2 boys continued to walk home together no matter what happened on the play ground always stopping at Jack & Nana's ( his great grandparents ) to have a cookie and ice tea. Later in the year another hard lesson came but it was mine, his mom was trying to have him moved from his classroom as he was having a hard time and the principal said I requested them not to be together....when we dont know the whole story...well you can only imagine. Thankfully she called me and we were able to work through it as friends.

I am so excited for her to be getting married and she has added to her family. I will always be thankful for her friendship and for sharing her family with ours.

Change in me: Just because you think it is the right thing to do at the time you just never know how it will effect others around you.

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