Thursday, April 07, 2011

Day 9 - Never met or maybe we have

Many of the people we meet in our lives are through others we already know. Sometimes those people become closer to you than the friend that connected you. Can you really become good friends with someone you have never sat in the same room with?

Currently my friend is rounding up a 6 month stay in Mexico with her family. What an incredible adventure for them being exposed to an entirely different culture, language and way of life.  After many conversations on line we think we may have actually been at the same golf tournament of a mutual friend. We have been brought together as she was a referral to be a customer of mine. The relation grew through FB and Skype and me helping her design her blog. On our trip to Mexico we had plans to meet face to face....and life got in the way. Crazy thing is my husband went fishing with her husband and had a great day.

 One day we will meet face to face!

Change in me: Even if you are scared you never know what might come from an adventure - embrace it just do it even if you dont understand the language. Be yourself! Take chances! Celebrate! Support your friends in what they do. Girl POWER!!!

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