Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Day 8 - It started with soup

Oh so many memories of Wyoming, over the next 365 days you will meet many people who have effectively made a change in me. I can not pin point the meeting of this friend but I am sure it did stem around building the park ( story for another day ).

For a little more than a year I took the passion of the kitchen and began "Are you being Served" personal chef business. During that year I catered events had regular weekly hump day meals and was a personal chef. I have no professional training but have had my hands in the kitchen my entire life and also spent a year working at a corporate retreat much of the time in the kitchen or bakery.

"Soup" - my memory escapes me as to how I even started making soup for my friend. Monday morning I would drop off a crock pot of homemade soup and each week the crock pot would come back to me empty. The one ingredient she did not like was onions.....hmmm I am not sure you can even make soup without onions. So every week I would surprise her with a new kind of soup that didn't have onions ( wink wink ). On a separate occasion as they set out on an epic camping adventure she enlisted my skills in preparing all the meals for her week long adventure - for those of you who camp know it is a big part of what goes on is what are we eating - she wanted not to have to think about it. Many years of camping and cooking gourmet on a Coleman stove I created a long list of short cuts.

Since moving away from WY I have followed her on FB and her blog - I love her daily openness for change, her incredible love for her husband and her boys, her girl time and always love reading about her next epic adventure. On FB I have been connected with many others who inspire because of her willingness to share.

Change in me: NO matter what the blisters will heal, live love and dance - who cares what others think, no matter how old you are you can always change what you know how to do, live your passion because you only get one go at life, an old Winnebago can be converted in to an awesome office, share what you know or what you learn because you never know who you might help. Inspired by a few words!

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