Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 20 13 months

A small house on the corner across the street from a railway crossing. One would think you would never get sleep because of the trains but when the are regular you tend to not even hear them as the roll through and blow the horn. This town was hard to move into, no one moved into town or at least not that ofter.

This was the start of many moves to come. I must have been crazy my design career was just starting to take off and yep I move to a small town so that I could sleep in the same bed as my husband more than 1 week a month.

My option of places to work a fabric store and a paint/carpet store. I started working and learning more about carpet and mixing paint and surprisingly I managed to pick up design jobs. I met my friend Gill, let me tell you it was not easy to meet people. Gill was great she would invite me to ladies night of golf, to go walking or to join a group of girls at the local church to do step aerobics. She would also brave sitting with me and an entire table of boys ( hubby and the guys from the rig) at the local bar.

After I left I never thought I would hear from her again...this was pre face book even email was not close to what it is now. Years later we had moved to Wyoming and I get a phone call saying she was refereed  to me from one of my old clients and she was looking for a designer and then she started to giggle. With facebook once again after the 2 of us have moved yet again we reconnected. Some day I really would like the opportunity to work with her again.

Change in me: You can always get back up and dust yourself off and thrive. If you work hard it will always pay off.


  1. I am just loving this project and your daily blog about it! Keep it up, sistah! xoxo

  2. So true..... Anything is possible with determination!