Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 22 - 1 or 25

My memory begins with a wooded sign from art class with I believe a smurf on it and her name and date of arrival ( it was a long time ago the details maybe fuzzy).

I am in the middle of 25 grandchildren the oldest now being 50ish wouldn't know she was to see her and the youngest being 25. 

Before I had kids I got called in to "babysit the house" and she will tell you I spoiled all her plans while playing chess and drinking beer with Lance. Her and her sister also helped me with a show home by making tulips with their hands ( it was a cute little girls room with a picket fence and tulips and butterflies). I will always cherish those nights of you staying up way to late on a school night chatting on the couch. We have always had great fun at family reunions and our daughters just love hanging out together. ( long over due for me attending a reunion I guess )

She is now a fabulous mom of 3 and always makes me smile with her face book posts and all the fabulous pictures of her beautiful girls. I had a brief  opportunity to work with her and hope someday we get to work together again - so many great talk and laughs.

Change in me: I am really thankful for my sister for cheering me on and supporting me no matter what crazy ideas I may have -whether it is good or bad. Playing in the puddles is always a good idea, and cherish your friends and all the great moments you have with them...and cant forget a new pair of shoes is always a good thing.

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