Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 21 - Not by Blood

Shocking comments on face book often make you stop and rewind. I repeat I love that facebook has allowed me to keep in touch, reconnect and get to know many of the people in my life that do not live close. A few weeks back a post came across my news feed that broke my heart, but one thing good came out was a long over due reconnect.

Some of us have family that is not by blood, they often can be the best or sometimes the hardest kinda family to have. When I was young my mom remarried, went from a father who was never home or involved to a step father all up in my business. We never saw eye to eye but I did get the best part of that marriage a step sister and her family. My step sister and I also did not always see eye to eye but even though her dad and my mom separated she is still my sister...no matter how far apart we are.

My niece, although we have not seen each other in well over 14 years I have the best memories of hanging out with her and her brothers. Camping by the river, seeing them play in the corn play house they grew and making cookies at Grandma's house. The last time I was up that way we pulled off an amazing surprise birthday for my mom and sadly the last time I saw her. Actually it was when I pulled away because my feeling got hurt...silly really. You see those kids meant the world to me and because of not letting them stay out and camp at the surprise party, and it really had nothing to do with her why I never returned.

So now as an adult I get a do over on our terms and no one else. Looking forward to may years of being Auntie and reconnecting.

Change in me: Just because things get tough does not mean you should turn off family. You do not have to be a blood relative to be an Auntie. No matter how rotten you are to your mom as long as you dont go to far she will forget and be proud of you - so call her or give her a hug right now.

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