Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 2 - My Mother in Law

Since she is a big part of the inspiration to the pay it forward experiment she gets day 2. I miss sending her a birthday card every year, the end of January comes and yep I have missed it again. She NEVER forgets a birthday or anniversary and the cards are never late.....hmm I have never asked her what her system is - think I need too. She has friends that she has kept up with for years with good old fashioned letters.

My inlaws are the few people who can come and stay at our house for a long time and when they leave we are always saying are you sure you have to go home. ( longest stay 35 days )

Over the past 24 years we have celebrated, she was my nurse for 2 weeks after surgery, we have gone on some fantastic trips and we have played tons of games of scrabble and every move she has embraced our friends but really the list goes on and on. She is an amazing Grandma -  helping with home work, she holds more records on Wii fit than anyone in the family and she loves my kids. She makes a mean orange salad - a  family favorite ( or should I say a must ) and she takes the best care of my father in law.

Change in me: traditions are great things, blood doesn't make a family - people with big hearts do, tolerance, and the importance of taking the time to remember those you care about in not forgetting a special event. 

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