Friday, April 01, 2011

Day 3 - Childhood lessons

I think I was in grade 3. This lesson was not learned then but the actions of one momma stayed with my whole life.

It was valentines and we made fancy boxes for our desks to act as mail boxes to get ready to receive all our cards. On party day a certain boy in our class did not receive one card, I can only imagine how he must have felt. The very next day his momma came into the classroom to have a chat with all of us....and yep it followed with 2 weeks of detention ( no recess ) The feeling of this momma and her son have always been in my thoughts as I raise my kids.

Although this is not related to that day that very same boy took a fall for something he did not do and
I think his story should be known. I believe it was grade 4 - not really sure because it was a mixed grade. The short story - a tack on a chair as a joke, boy sits down bleeds and we once again get detention ( no recess ) until a confession is heard.  The confession came from the same boy who did not get any cards and yep he got the strap and we all once again resumed recess as regular. A few years ago this story came up and I learned that even though that boy took the blame he was not the one to place the tack. The tack in fact was placed on the chair by.....

Change in me: Be aware of others feelings, a simple card can cause joy but it can also cause sadness when the box is left empty - life is hard enough - I teach my kids to have a kind heart and think about others feelings

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