Monday, July 24, 2006

laundry we all have to do it.........

  1. How many loads of laundry do you do in a week?
  2. Liquid or powder? Is your soap ecofriendly?
  3. How much does it cost per load?
  4. Does your mom use the same brand?
  5. Do you line dry? Do you use bleach?
  6. Would you switch soap if you found a brand that was ecofriendly, less expensive , and worked as well?

I have been working on an article for the past 2 months and asking the above questions in 6 countries.

What I have found:

  1. People with out kids 2-4 loads, with kids 5-12 loads (most people with kids do a load every day)
  2. Over all liquid seems to be the most popular and only about 10% of people use ecofriendly (the cost seems to be the reason)
  3. Most people have no idea how much each load costs - the auto pilot of life
  4. Oddly enough I did not get the answer I thought I would. Only 20% used the same kind.
  5. Bleach was a 95% NO and Line dry was 60% as long as the weather was good.
  6. 80% said they would try a new soap

I was faithful to Tide until I read some research on the ingredients. Now I used Tide because you guessed it my mom used it, I buy Heinz ketchup also. So in the past year I have spent almost half the cost on the soap itself, and it really is much better than Tide.

2 extreme examples of getting things clean - my son got permentant marker on a new t-shirt (NASCAR - he cheers for Bobby LaBonte) and my husband brought home a pair of pants covered in oil and mud( he really wanted to see the soap work). In both cases no sign of the stain remained.

What has happened in our house is we became very aware of all the chemicals in every day products. I no longer use any grocery store brands, a couple hours research on the internet and I was convinced I needed to do something. I have not gone so far to make my own, as I fear my house would never get cleaned.

The soap works it has no harsh chemicals to irritate your skin.

House cleaning and laundry are not my favorite things, but switching stores and finding products that work and are safe have helped. I love these products so much have become a marketing executive for the company, the reason for all my research.

I am not going to tell you the name unless you request more information from my web site, but I will tell you this: the products cost less, they are delivered to your door, they are safer for your families and the environment. Just remember when you visit my site, only 25% of customers choose to build a business, the others are simply vitual share holders of the company and customers.

Off to do laundry, I will be hanging the sheets on the line.......

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