Sunday, July 23, 2006


March 2005 we drove our camper in a convoy to Las Vegas to see the NASCAR race. The entire drive I was thinking to myself I would rather be doing just about anything else. I also had a very skewed view of NASCAR fans .

This was to become a new chapter in our life. Vegas will be an annual and 07 will be our 4th race.

The race in Vegas is a combination of camping and tail-gating for 5 days ( no kids). Add in a show, gambling, night life, roller coasters, air show (Nelis Air Base), great food and fantastic friends. ( Inducted into the FNBC from NASCAR) Just add beer and what more could you ask for in March.

How I see it now:

  1. The marketing is brilliant. Each car is a moving billboard, each driver a good looking spokes person ( well most of them). When a person chooses a car and driver to cheer for they are said to be the most brand loyal fans - they shop the brands and even become walking billboards themselves. Dale Ernhart Sr. Died in a race 5yrs ago today he has more fans than ever and silently cheering for number 3.
  2. 50% of the fans being women(higher than any other sport) and the fastest growing fan base sport. I admit I am a fan now.
  3. The race organizations and drivers raise millions of dollars for charity.
  4. They all seem to end up with Buffy's, the women of NASCAR are beautiful
  5. They are a bunch of boys who are living the dream of driving cars fast for a living.
  6. You never know who will be a fan, no age requirement, no income requirement (although the tickets for the Vegas race are about $25o for the package)
  7. The energy level of the fans not to mention the people watching is incredible
  8. I love Carls Back Flip, Tony Stewart is a poor sport, Dale jr. ( june bug) is very good to listen to on the radio how much respect he shows with his crew. I cheer for Elliot Sadler and the M&M Car
  9. People in the USA fly flags proudly
  10. Having F16 fly over your head is wild!

Our picks for today's race ( a pool we are in) Denny Hamlin, Brian Vickers, Joe Nemechek, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Tony Raines, Jeremy Mayfield.

So on that note and the need to get back to building a fence.......


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