Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving - Orange Salad

Being Canadian my family celebrates both Canadian Thanksgiving in October ( just happens to be Columbus Day and a school holiday) and American Thanksgiving. Over the years I have perfected dinner MY WAY, but each piece has a history and a story. My Mother in Law shared this recipe with me however she was given the recipe by my husbands Aunt Jean.

The last time my husbands family was all together for Christmas in 2000, as we sat down to the table and started to pass around the dishes one of my brother in laws casually asks where is the Orange Salad. Bev proudly says, I didn't make it this year, I shook it up and made - I have no idea what. Honestly the reaction she got from grown adults you would have thought she forgot to make the turkey. We all laughed, but we all remember the moment ORANGE SALAD will never be left off the table when we have turkey.

If there is any leftover it makes great breakfast the next day.

Doing it MY WAY ~ Coralee

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