Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 28 - Chicken Marsala

Nope not a recipe but when I think about her I wish I could pop over and deliver her dinner and it would be Chicken Marsala.

When I first met her I was teaching painting classes at the hardware store - yep I was teaching free faux finishing classes, how to pick color, how to create a custom stencil, how to turn a plain white out door plastic table into a piece of art.....oh the list goes on. She did not have the time to learn how to do it so she hired me to, and our friendship began.

I watched how she did business very closely, she was always very involved in the community, always giving her support. For about a year I had a personal chef business and also on Wednesdays offered hump day meals & catering. I had a regular list of customers who would order and on Wednesday they would pick up the order at the bakery. We worked out a deal, I used her commercial kitchen and she sold my meals in trade for making home made soup from what was in the cooler that needed to be used up.

I love how she gave people chances to learn, to grow, to have a second chance at life. Her work ethic is beyond amazing and no matter what she always had a way of seeing the positive. I think one of the reasons I loved going to the bakery so much was because of her passion for life and for people. Cheers my friend for being you and always opening up your kitchen to me.

Change in me: everyone deserves a second chance, work hard for what you love, giving to your community is always a good thing, if a cake flops you can always use icing to cover up the flaw, when you pay it forward it will come back to you even if just in good Karma and it is always a good idea to surround yourself with people who are positive!

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