Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 18 - Family

My earliest memories of this couple is the year I figured out that Santa did not exist but in our hearts. I would have been about 5 and I remember the evening so clear...or maybe it is not clear. The Wizard of OZ was on TV and a knock at the was Santa, not really sure why I knew it was my uncle but have always remembered the rubber boots.

As an adult I had the pleasure of getting to spend the weekends up at their house, some for design work and one time I came to house site ( well really to make sure their daughter didn't have a party). All the visits I was able to really get to know my cousins, many a nights up really late talking in the basement. They have always called when in town and we have either met for a visit or they came to see us <3 and same goes if we are in SK.

I love face book because no matter how far away I am I can keep in touch with those people in my life that matter. This last week we had a quick IM chat about gardening and it is always okay just to call and chat.
I have for a long time said we together will do something great and I stick to that it just has not happened yet.

Change in me: Work hard play hard, it doesn't matter if you know all the words to the songs you can always hum along and making the time for a cup of coffee is priceless. Sending out your Christmas letter is a great valentines card to get in the mail.

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