Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 17 - Relativitis

2 of my favorite family members have often had a case of "relativitis". The one in mention today, I have been able to become close with because of facebook. You see 98% of my family lives in Canada and now that we are in Texas the trips north have been fewer.

I have often heard it is not easy being married into this family you see we are VERY big. My mom is a family of 8 so that makes 8 + 1 married in spouses , they produced 25 + 2 - those 25 all but a few are married and I think last I heard they had produced 37 + 2 ( of hell I have lost track and I am sure some one will correct me ). SO BIG, that when we all come to town we double the population of Eyebrow, SK.

Every time I have come to my Grandma's the person of today and her family have always made it a point to getting in to see us. The last time I was up I was training for a 1/2 marathon and walked from town out to the farm...there is something about farm coffee or maybe it is the people who make it. Over the years the little things she has done for me have made the most impact. Graduation a beautiful card and an umbrella - brilliant and I still to this day carry it in my car. My children both got engraved silver spoons with name and birth date - I also have one and believe she may have been doing it for years...need to ask. She just cracks me up with her side remarks on FB and she is always the first to support me.

Relativitis - there is no cure, no inoculation, you can not get away from it. The only cure is to embrace the craziness called family stay true to who you are and enjoy life and all the people who have come into it.

Change in me: Little things in life can make a big impact and your family no matter how big or small embrace them all for who they are.

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