Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 14 - 2nd 1/2 BFF

Who would have thought a piece of paper blowing out a vehicle across the road would turn into a friendship to last a life time.  2 new families living on a new street in a new town.

Our morning workouts at the park almost every day for a year....I so miss that time. No matter the weather we strapped on the shoes and hit the track, it is very hard to find a walking partner that will walk even if they don't feel like it and who will also not let you talk yourself out of it. On those walks we both worked through a great deal of "stuff".

I have never had a friend in my life that it has always been a give and take or an equal friendship. When my husband is out of town she always makes a point to just check in, we both have pitched in with each others kids, and when I just need that ear no judging she is always there. When the day is good or bad she is always there to celebrate or to turn a bad into a pee your pants laugh.

She loves me no matter how crazy my ideas, or if my house is not picture perfect clean. She is also a huge supporter of my business and for that I am always grateful - I guess she sees it that same way I do - why would I shop at Walmart or Sams/Costco when I can shop with a company that benefits my friend.

Change in me: Never ever give up, you can make a BFF in your 40's, no matter what crap is thrown your way as long as you have a friend to listen you will get through it. Always always eat something before you drink toooooo much or you will pay for it in the morning. Oh and it is easy to blame the Canadian ... because she owns it and happy to push the limits of life.

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