Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 13 - Bigger than me WAY bigger

One of the first people I met when we moved to Wyoming was a brief exchange in a restaurant a couple months before we moved down. At that moment in time who would have thought what an impact she would have in the years to come.. Over the first few years we frequented the restaurant and from the very first moment of meeting she always remembered my family ( small town and not many Canadians moving in) I guess.

I was later connected to her at a fund raising dinner at her restaurant it was funding a project for a school in her birth country of  Cambodia. My dear friend has lived through hell and survived the Khmer Rouge not all of her family survived and she saw many suffer horrifying acts as a child. All that and she is not defined by her beginnings rather she  is the most giving hard working women I may know. Every year she has a free Thanksgiving dinner to all who wish to come, she raises money and builds water wells in Cambodia and she is always giving to help the community.

Our journey continues as I had the pleasure of working with her as an interior designer. I first worked on her restaurant being able to transform an average restaurant into a true gem in a small community - wow you should see the lighting and the art work...and my favorite piece is the hanging doors.  Then as an interior designer I was able to work on her dream home - many designers never get to work on such a project.

Change in me: you can always do more to help your community, your past does not determine your future but it will help you define your character, family is everything, revisit your roots, live life FULL.

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  1. Hi Mrs. Coralee.
    I'm enjoying reading about your interesting friends...and you!
    Have a great evening. <3