Saturday, April 09, 2011

Day 11 - My SIL ( 1 of 3 )

I am not even sure how to start and if I get started I may never stop.

When I was still living in Canada my sister in law and I became very close. Some of my fondest memories are in the kitchen cooking, seems like the best place in the world to get close. I think our best collaboration was our 12 days of Christmas gift giving when our nephews were small. ( 12 days of opening presents.....even peanut butter play dough. ) Camping and hiking trips and always ready willing and able to come help...even to build a fence, hosting the holidays and just doing what families do.

When we moved to WY, her and I would catch up on the phone every Tuesday morning, in fact I was on the phone with her the morning of 9/11. I can remember the phone ringing and her saying turn on the doesn't matter what channel just turn it on. Life has gotten busy and our calls less frequent but no matter what I can pick up and call and find her on the other end.

Change in me: No matter how mad you get at your family dont stay mad - life is to short not to move on, tell the people in your life that you love them, make the best of your life no matter what it throws you, volunteer your time, plant a garden not only the process is therapeutic but so is the harvest.

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