Friday, May 07, 2010

Getting ready for Monday

I will post a grocery list on Saturday of what you will need for the first few days. The whole reason for this is to help a couple of my friends eat real, still have a glass of wine but to get to a healthy weight and in the jeans they want to be in.

We all know DIETS don't work, counting points works and then it doesn't( everyone who I know who has done it never keeps it off). Just look at all the people on TV who have been paid by Jenny Craig to loose weight and then the pack it back on.

We are going to track a group of peoples results to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks. We will tweak old family favorites to make them healthy and still taste fabulous.

We will give you real, normal and fun ways of getting exercise and I have a secret weapon to burn fat.

All are welcome the more people I can help the happier it will make me :-) If I can just help a few people be a bit healthier, have more energy, and be able to jump on the trampoline with their kids it will be a great day to celebrate in 120 days.

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