Wednesday, May 12, 2010

forgot the best kind of protein

Cheese and NUTS!!!!
Yes you can have cheese - just be smart, we are learning to keep it real.

Cheese & Nuts Portion Calories Protein

Cheddar 1oz 113 7g
Blue 1oz 99 6g
Feta 3.5oz 264 14g
Goat Soft 1oz 102 6g
Cream Cheese 1oz 29 4g
Skim Mozzarella 1oz 71 7g
Gouda 1oz 100 7g
Almonds 1oz 167 6g
Pecans 1oz 193 3g
Pistachio 1oz 160 6g
Macadamia Nuts 1oz 201 2g
Cashews Salted 1oz 161 4g
Peanut Butter 2Tbsp 188 7g

Here is a great website
Go to the Daily Needs Calculator and find out how much your should be eating. Own your numbers. I personally need 54 g of protein a day.

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