Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a friend of mine sent this - thnx Ashley

i actually watched Oprah today..saw that it was on cell phone talking/texting while driving..i am very guilty of doing both.

After watching and seeing some driving tests done that showed how you respond when you are NOT texting/talking versus how poorly you respond when you are texting/talking, i was shocked. I mean, i knew it couldn't be a great thing to do and knew it wasn't the safest. But it actually changes your brain. It changes what you see or really what you DON'T see on the road or what is crossing the road..it blocks out people, stop lights, stop signs, etc) Talking and texting makes your brain unable to respond appropriately.

They say that talking on the phone, even hands free, is the equivalent of being drunk..because you are so engrossed in the conversation you miss so much around you ..both make you 4 times as likely to have an accident..Texting, however, makes you EIGHT times more likely to have an accident.

So, for those of you that do what i do, you may want to think about stopping. I have made a promise to my kids that i will put my phone down...( it will be like braking an addiction b/c i do sooooo much work on my phone and communicating with family while in the car..which is where most of us spend a ton of our time..the "mobile office")
Anyway, just a bit of info i felt was really important to pass on...
love to all

You will not be able to reach me in my truck - I will not be answering.

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