Friday, April 04, 2008


So those of you who read my blog on a regular basis will remember last year I staged a mini mid life crisis, I figured this way I am in control. I took a challenge to loose 10% of my weight in 2 months, I stepped on the scale in Atlanta and missed it by 4 lbs. So no car entry for me.

Well it is now April and I have been given a second chance. This year it is a Mustang convertible in which I can win. My Goal weight is 135 lbs - currently I am at 139. So 4 months and 4 lbs - I am all over it. I am also training for a 60 mile walk in November so the 2 should work hand in hand.

What has happen to me and my health since last June - More energy, kept off the weight, still working on the 6 pack, and I JUST FEEL GREAT. So next year when I turn 40, which you know is the new 20 I will be in a great place to hopefully never go thru a real mid life crisis - wait maybe I did already. No tattoo or belly button piercing yet....

So if any of you would like to join me of the quest to loose 10 % give me a call. I am always looking for people to add to my team loosing ASSets.

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