Monday, January 07, 2008

Post #200

Back in the groove. Kids are back to school, design jobs are finished and we are both back to regular work schedule...........well regular for us.

My schedule is flexible because I work from home. Working from home can be tricky as many distractions can get you off track. One thing I did as a 1st of the year (not a resolution - I never keep them)change was to create a schedule for myself.
My schedule has blocks of time for work, family, house, extra curricular activities for the kids and make up blocks....hey I am human.

My blog in the last bit has been neglected. I use it for many different reasons one of which is work. Because I do marketing on line my blog serves as a reflection of me the person, so back to work.

#200 post - what will come of the adventure we call life........................

Things to think about: Do you think about total financial freedom? "0" debt

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