Tuesday, January 08, 2008

fashion ...lol

For those of you who know me fashion in my closet is jeans and a white t-shirt.
I was taking a break and having a cup of tea ..... still trying to warm up and I turned on the TV.

I watch very little TV, but once in a while I will watch Oprah. She is an amazing women in what she does with her popularity. She has the golden touch, she loves to see the good in people and projects. Not to mention she is a marketing guru - why not learn from the best.

.........okay what does this have to do with fashion?

I just can't justify paying a large amount on clothing ($120 for a pair of yoga pants - my butt just can't look that good, because of a pair of pants!!!), but I am finding myself looking to change my wardrobe.

Today on Oprah, she had Jessica Parker and her new line of clothing. Cute, affordable and stylish and they still have a jean and white t-shirt. http://www.bittensjp.com/ Unfortunately they are not available for sale on line and not available in any stores in the state ;-(

So for now I will stick to the jeans, t-shirt and WOOL socks.

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  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I watched Oprah today as well, but I thought she said the clothes were available at Target. Good to see you blogging again. Mary