Sunday, April 22, 2007

My name is Coralee.....

I recently was invited to and just this week I was asked to join a group called none other than "My Name is Coralee".

My mom told me when she was picking out names that she really wanted to name me after my Great Grandma Cora, but thought it was a very old name. What a better way to make both sides of the family by adding my Grandfather's middle name right along to it. As a kid she told me the only other Coralee was one of the Allen Sisters who appeared on the Tommy Hunter Show. I have always loved my name and refused to let anyone shorten it.

Oddly enough I live in a community of 6000 and including myself 3 of us share the name. I very rarely come across others with the same name, now I am in a group of so far 128 from all over the country.

So if you know a Coralee, send her to face book and ask her to join "My name is Coralee"


  1. Coralee Butler9:20 PM

    Very Cool!!! I'm so glad your as happy as I am about the group...and to think I was going to cancel the whole idea of starting it up.
    Hats off !!!
    Coralee Butler (group creator)

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    It is very cool to see that there are quite a few other people who have the same name. The town that I grew up in there was only one other person named Coralee and that is where my mom got the idea and from a baby book but the name in there was spelled Coralie, she didn't like that so she just put 2 ee's instead. I don't like people to shorten my name as well. It is such an awesome name!!
    The group is cool as well...nice to know there are others!! LOL
    Coralee Wood

  3. my name is coralee rose,have never met another coralee,this surprises me that many others share this unique name,i am wondering if all coralee's are as different and stand out as much as me?

  4. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I am a Coralee Rose too. You have to ask yourself if by circumstance you were to have been given the name Jessica, would you still consider yourself to stand out amongst others? Do you believe that someone named Jessica believes herself to be average? In a crowd of people would someone notice you before her simply because of your name? Consider as well the idea that this sense of individualism might have nurtured specific behavioral patterns. Perhaps if you were to move to a country where this name was very common would these behaviors still be present? Would your name still hold any relevance to your individuality?