Wednesday, April 18, 2007

crazy day.....

My email box today has been very strange, in a great way. Emails from people I have not spoken with in years.

I reconnected with a gal I just loved working with a million years ago in Red Deer, AB at London Drugs.

Dawn and I reconnected a little over a month ago, as you have read.

Edith and I went to high school together, we did not know each other real well.....she was popular and I just wished I was....that's how I remember it any way. We had a bit of history in Calgary.....sort of a long story.

I love email! I am so glad for! I am glad I am not still in high school and I can just be me..........

1 comment:

  1. You are so funny!!! I was never popular , YOU WERE! I was just out spoken some LOL.. While reading this post it took me back to Calgary, which I think I blocked out.. So good to reconnect and cant wait to see you both.... Edith