Thursday, December 21, 2006

Great last minute gift....that will keep on giving

Here is a last minute, easy gift idea for you.

Bones That Float, A Story of Adopting Cambodia for the bookworms on your list.

E-books will be available in February, to be followed by a signed and numbered hardcover in March.
All books will have 10 postcards in the back to pass out and recommend the book to others.

Anyone who signs up to host a book discussion will be sent a DVD of the Grady Grossman School to show at their event and the author, Kari Grady Grossman, will call or visit the group to answer questions.

How to Purchase:

You can print out as many of the attached pdf Gift Certificates as you want.
Pre-publication price is $20+tax = $20.80 Add $5 for shipping to each book you want mailed.
Payment for the books can be made by check or via PayPal (using a credit card) to our paypal account:

Email us the name, email address and shipping address (if we are mailing it) of the recipients:
We will add them on our e-list for updates on the release of the book at

We will send the e-book in February by request, and the hardcover in March, signed and numbered by the author.
(note: books not paid for will not be sent)

Let there be Peace on Earth – soon!

Kari, George, Grady and Shanti Grossman
& the kids of Chrauk Tiek Village, Cambodia

Authors Note:
I chose to turn down an offer from a traditional big publisher and I left my literary agent in favor of direct marketing this book so that proceeds could benefit the Grady Grossman School. It was a difficult decision but I just couldn’t stomach our kids in Cambodia not benefiting from all the work I have put into this book. My work is all I have to support my mission. The traditional publishing industry just doesn’t get it.

Our goal is to sell 10,000 books directly to customers, disseminated through 100 book discussions that raise awareness and money for education and conservation in Cambodia. I believe that people really want to be the change they wish to see in the world. This book is an opportunity to do just that.

Synopsis: Bones That Float, A Story of Adopting Cambodia
by Susan Gray Gose

On March 24, 2001, American writer Kari Grady Grossman entered a crowded orphanage outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and met her 8-month-old son. One of the first questions Kari asked was “How did he get here?” The complex and at times heart-wrenching answer is told in this magnificent book that encompasses Kari’s personal journey to adoption, Cambodia’s gruesome history of war and genocide, and the stories of two Cambodians—one who escaped the Khmer Rouge’s bloody reign and one who did not.

The interweaving stories grab your heartstrings and do not let go. From the moment Kari realizes that she will never be an “earth momma” practicing prenatal yoga to years later as Kari wends her way on the back of a moto-taxi through Phnom Penh’s smog-choked streets trying to make a difference in her son’s birth nation, you can’t read impassively. Bones That Float takes you into the Khmer Rouge jungle where boy soldiers force starving families to labor all day at gunpoint, and it brings you to modern-day Phnom Penh streets where foreign pedophiles purchase the innocence of preteen Cambodian girls. But ultimately Bones That Float—a Cambodian phrase for the sacred that rises above the suffering—is a tale of hope. Kari reminds us that our world is “one big family” and that we cannot—or dare not—turn our backs on people who suffer in part because of our country’s own foreign policy missteps. To read Bones That Float is to open your heart to caring.

Bones That Float, A Story of Adopting Cambodia will be available at the pre-publication price of $20 through January. Regular price $24.95

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