Thursday, August 03, 2006

Salt Lake City

It is amazing how fast a 4 hour drive goes with three girls in a car, yes none stop talking. Oh and no pee breaks. Plane arrived early from Calgary..........but the luggage did not arrive. I think it was all the chocolate in the bag and someone decided they needed it more than me.

A quick stop at the hotel, and off to the Olive Garden to meet an incredible group of ladies we work with via the phone. It is a strange feeling walking into a resteraunt and asking for the reserved table and having no idea what people look like ( know the voice so well).

It amazes me how a voice over the phone gives us an image of someones appearance...then you meet and very few people seem to fit thier voice.

Birthday to Sue, my business partner.

Off to the races, check one more thing off the list ( blogging remotely)

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