Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the glass half full

Yesterday while chatting on a message board about my business, really just introducing myself on a work at home board I was called dodgy (Of questionable legality, like a scam, or questionable moral or structural integrity. Originally British.)

Message boards have been a great source of ideas for advertising, customer service, newsletters and such. With my international extention they allow me to understand people's culture, work ethics and such and meet people.

My web site is a bit vague but is meant to intrigue people to request more information. It is not mend to be dodgy, or upset anyone with the statements on it. I have been working with this team and international company for 16 months and have never found one part of it to be sorry dodgy. Maybe it is that trait ingrained in me to find the good in things, the glass is half full attitude.

A 21 yr old company that offers people a eco-friendly alternatives to household products, that cares about the environment, cares about peoples wellness ( weight, heart health, cholesterol, asthma....and on and on) offers people a way to build a sustainable business and improve financial wellness, encourages random acts of kindness, volunteering, helping others to build a successful business thru monitoring and it is delivered to your door. I have investigated, looked over the business model and still I find not one thing dodgy.

Not everyone who chooses to shop at this store builds a business rather chooses to shop at a store that makes it easy to be environmentally friendly with out taking out a second on your house, in many cases you save money. AND IT IS DELIVERED ( one shopping trip I do not have to take my kids on)

I had a friend tell me yeserday "no one cares about the environment, just about saving money"What about the environment in your own home? the walls in which you live?

Okay so I am a little upset for being called dodgy! I am not a radicalist, tree hugging environmentalists, but I am a mom who is concern about the health of my family and my friends ( including all the new ones I have met ). I do not want to work this hard all my life and then when it is time to retire and enjoy life have you all dead. sorry

My Grandma is 91 and if I am going to be around that long I need to take care of my health and not with a cabinet full of perscriptions.That all being said, I am off to save the world well not the world ( my suit is in the wash) but help one person at at time.

This really is therapy.......

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  1. Some people are narrow minded and live in a life a misery and want everyone around them to feel as they do....Its so refreshing to hear how well you are doing and how much you enjoy it....obviously you are aren't going to let a "dodgy" comment slow you down so cheers to you auntie and keep on trucking!!! luv ya