Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Questions with no answers ..... okay well I have a few

A corporate mentor of mine said to me years ago, "It is none of your business what others think of you". More than once I have forgotten these words ... I work hard and am very proud of the company I work for. Choosing to work from home allows me to do projects & volunteering and most importantly be 100% MOM..... why should it matter what others think...... It doesn't right...that's what I keep trying to tell myself???

How is it or shall I say why is it that I care about all those people around me? Would it not be easier to not give a rip about any one but my family....sure would free up plenty of time and energy.

Why do I care to help a local business? hmmm when did I or why do I cheer for the little guy???

Why do I promote a family business a million miles away? Oh wait I have an answer for this one ... They are family and isn't that what family is suppose to do - do you think Sam Walton's kids shop at Target or Walmart ( or at least send their staff to shop for them ).... I do what I can being so far away by telling my friends and promoting them to shop because I do not have the geographical means to.

Why do I get upset when my sister is hurt? oh I have an answer to this one too - BECAUSE SHE IS MY SISTER AND I HURT WHEN SHE HURTS. Do I always deal with the hurt in the right way, oh I am sure I don't, in fact I know I don't.

Why when a comment is made about Canadian Politics .... do I get upset? UM well this one I have too - no matter where I live I will always be Canadian.

Why do I defend a friend when she can clearly defend herself? oh hell I don't know - she certainly is a big girl and doesn't need me to defend her.

Why do I wish everyone could just get along? Is World Peace all that bad?


Do you have answers? Do the answers matter????

Does all this not make up who I am, if I stop caring would anyone notice? If today I decide to be selfish uncaring would it matter?

So many questions today and no answers for most of them.

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