Monday, May 09, 2011

Day 42 - 48 -Dragonfly

Dragonflies that stand for COURAGE, STRENGTH, & HAPPINESS.

Sometime life just SUCKS, yes you heard me it sucks. This is kind of hard to get out of my head, I normally let it rattle around in there and then it fades and I can either forget, forgive or at least I think less about it. So today I am sending 7 cards -  You have heard me say everything happens for a reason, well sometime it is hard to see the reason. My heart is hurts and on the other hand my heart is full because of the people in my life. Each of these 7 people are all special in my life and really are silver yeah see I told you once it rattles in my head and I shake it out good always wins.

#1 - Hurt feelings Suck!
I have been working my business for 6 years and many of my close friends and family whether they really know what I do or not ...or think they know they are not supportive and dont get me wrong it does hurt sometimes but I am good at what I do and I just do it without there support. My friend once told me on the phone in a heart to heart and it is always in my ear, "I have been doing this business for 10.5 years, I make over 6 figures a year now, my largest check was over $65,000 and her total earning over $720,000 and my family thinks  I am in a cult." The most amazing thing about our team and company is honest, caring people who if I pick up the phone and say I need you even though none of them live with in driving distance they would do what ever they could to help - to just lend an ear and share a little wisdom. Sure glad I was smart enough to join that same cult ( lol ).

#2 - Divorce sucks!
I just wish my mom could have met someone like my friend then.We all have people in our life who we look up to, people who we may not know all to well but we call friend who we watch from a far - or maybe all people dont but I have this group and every one of them has something they have given me. That gift has not come in wrapped box with a bow but in the gift of sharing there life experiences and wisdom. My mom was a single mom and I know life was never easy raising 3 kids and trying to make ends meet -  
My friends - I just have a ton of respect for her - she works hard, plays hard and is always on the other end of skype when I need her with no agenda. She has been with the team 10.5 years, her largest check was almost $30,000 and earning to date $1,297,678 ( yes a single mom of 3 working from home)

#3 - Husband that travels for work SUCKS!
Webcasts: One of the parts of my business is  live ( and no there is no pole dancing involved ), it is a tool that we use to educated and share information. I learned to fly, I really learned to find my voice here. Now I cant give credit to 1 person they have all have rubbed off a bit in my delivery. For well over a year we shared the same time spot and I could always count on her. We have had chats on the phone about frustrations, life, disappointments and celebrations. A listening ear on the other end of the phone that goes both ways is priceless.  She has been with the team 8 years, her largest check was almost $14,000 and earning to date     $354,000. So excited for to being moving so her husband will be home more.

#4 -7 coming, much more to come

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