Monday, May 02, 2011

Day 40 - BFF's mom

Some times people come into our life because of our children. I was reminded the other day by my son he said "mom if we had not moved to Texas, Carter would not be my friend". Some of you are aware how many times (16) we have moved as you have run out of room in your address book in the "F" or you maybe got smart years ago and started using pencil. Every move I have been blessed with new people in my life that have influenced me.

This weekend my daughter had a sleepover for her birthday and hubby was out of town, I sent over a quick txt to my friend to see if my son could spend the night. The return txt was he is always welcome! When you do not have family close, friends around you become your support and that is not always easy.

So thankful to have them in our life. Thank you also for choosing to be my customer and supporting my business.

Change in me: Don't wait 2 years to invite your childrens friends over, they may just end up being a great friend of yours.

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