Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 34 - I've got you babe

I spent 10 years developing pictures in a photo lab right out of high school and all thru college. We had a unique window or a glimpse it to peoples lives as they captured them on film. Many people in the lab became like family, you see as we worked behind glass in a closed small room you just connected.

We celebrated, we cried, we laughed...boy did we laugh. In the 10 years we celebrated many weddings, graduations and promotions. Again FB has reconnected many of us. Over the years my dear friend and I have had our moments....more good ones than bad and we always come thru it in the end.

Remember the keys....

I read a post last week that said "if you dont cry then are you really living".

 I went to message her for her mailing address so I could send her a card as her day on my calender was getting close - only to find we were not friends any longer. Hey we all have had it done and we may have even unfriended. So I did send her a message but not the message I wanted to but to ask why, now most people I would just take it in stride but we had been friends for 20 years and we have been here before. I will tell you I totally own my short falls, my miss comings and my mistakes. It was heart breaking to me that my actions or words offended her. Once again our friendship prevails, just in time for her to share her scone recipe for the morning of the royal wedding.

Want to hear the story about the keys? email and I will send the story.

Change in me: Good Friendships are worth fighting for! 

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