Sunday, April 03, 2011

Day 5 - College

When I started my college journey I started out in Business Admin with the plans of being an accounts....not sure who that girl was but sure glad she changed her mind. After an extremely bad managerial accounting class....I was at a loss as to what the heck am I doing and what am I going to do now.

My brother was living with us at the time and as he was going through the college calender he said to me why aren't you taking interior design....hmm never crossed my mind. The process at the time to get into the program was not just a simple application you had to submit a portfolio. 400-500 applications and only 50 get accepted....could I really do it. The portfolio included a drawing of a bowl of fruit, a living room setting,a plant, a grouping of kitchen items and draw them see through and a short essay comparing an international logo to a car ( dont remember the car but the logo was Coca Cola). Well I got in...and the journey began.

I promise I am getting to the person in my life.

College itself taught me many lessons and that is a post in its self. A few things I took away - work had play hard, you can work a full time job and go to school at the same time, the power of group purchasing and  when you are the designated driver you can still dance on tables with your friends.

Of the 50 in my class, I have lost track of many and reconnected with a few on FB but one I stay connected with and she is the one who is the person of change today.  When we all graduated she went back to her home town and her family and I moved to Moosomin ( long story - will tell later as a note will go there too).  She is married to a wonderful man and has 4 beautiful children, working in interior design and happy with routine. She never forgets my birthday, she will drive any where in SK to visit me, she doesn't like change but respects that I live in constant change, she cherishes the little things in life like a glass of wine in the hot tub with her hubby and she is all about FAMILY. She also drives way out of her way to go shopping at my Aunt and Uncles greenhouse - I know she passes at least 5 other place - I send her a giftcard to spring shop for her birthday( my way of supporting family even though I can't do the shopping myself ) and I know for a fact she spends way more the what I send her.

Change in me: It is perfectly okay to have a friend that is not like you, you can send a Starbucks gift card as a birthday gift and every time that person uses it they will think of you, it is always worth the drive to see a friend, wine is always best shared with someone you care about and she has also given me the gift of not only her friendship but she has also shared a friend of hers with me ( more on her later) HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK my dear friend.

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