Sunday, January 02, 2011

#10 on my list

#10 Help someone loose weight and improve their health.

On Face book I have page 120 days of change, they have proven it takes that long to change a habit. Now for the last little bit I have fallen out of habit so I will show by doing so I guess I am really helping myself too. I am going to start with a 12 week Fat Burning Workout  - 84 days is not that long broken in to 3 - 4 week blocks and will be over before you know it.    March 27 is the end of 12 weeks

The reason I am going to blog this is I need you to keep me accountable, it is very easy to make excuses and get busy with life but lets face it our health is the heart of how all other things play out. If we take care of our every day to day  health and fitness it will pay us back in many ways from how are close fit to the energy we have all the way down to our state of mind.

I plan to share the good bad and the ugly, this is about making a change so not to fall of it again.

Would love if you joined us and would also love to hear about your progress. Today step on the scale and write down the number also take a picture of yourself - put it away till the end of the 84 days and do not step back on the scale either.

Back on Track as always my name is Coralee!

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