Friday, November 26, 2010

Star of the Show - Brined Turkey

I think over the last 23 years I have cooked about at least 60 turkeys between celebrating 2 thanksgivings a year and Christmas. We have deep fried, stuffed and un-stuffed but this was a first to brine. Yesterday morning my family was not so sure we made the right choice, we have company coming for dinner and it would not be good if the star of the show tastes bad. OMG if you have not ever thought of trying a brine I am here to say this was the best tasting turkey we have eaten. In fact hubby said this morning "no offense but that is the best turkey you have ever cooked." The only down fall is I will need to figure out how to drop the salt level in the drippings for the gravy .... will try at Christmas to boil a couple potatoes in the drippings to pull out some of the salt.

The above picture is the brine I used, the kit comes with a large zip lock for putting the turkey in, all you will need to add is sugar, water and vinegar.

My other tricks I have learned over the years:
1. Cook the turkey breast down for moist white meat - try it you won't regret it
2. Crock pot stuffing  - I stopped stuffing the turkey when my MIL showed me this trick

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