Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dragon Fruit - Dont be scared to try new things...

When we travel we always try new things that we have never eaten for good or bad. While standing at the fruit buffet in Mexico my daughter and  I checked out a bowl of fruit and wondered should we try it. A lady walked up and took 2 pieces and I immediately asked what it was. We did not know what the fruit looked like before it was ready to eat. A trip to our favorite grocery store, HEB Central Market that has an extensive selection of fruits and vegetables - we found the dragon fruit. So next time you are in the store I recommend you try this odd looking fruit. There are 5 different varieties, varying in interior color from white to reddish meat.
This is the interior of the fruit, the texture is much like a kiwi it has a bit of a citrus flavor and is very juicy. They are high in Vitamin C and other antioxidants and have great nutritional value.. The flesh is not to be eaten. I looked for recipes to see what other uses and found fruit salad, fruit pizza and juice. We will be enjoying the fruit on its own as it is an expensive treat at $4.99 each.

The one I purchased came from the US ( wonder if I could grow then in my yard? ) but are native to Mexico, Central and South America, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Hawaii, Isreal and Philippines.


  1. How exotic looking! I so want to try one of these now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am living in Thailand and just bought my first Dragon Fruit today! So beautiful! Cost me about 30 cents. I'll count my blessing and take advantage of its price while I can! :) Great post.

  3. Slim J.8:56 AM

    Yeah, it looks cool, because i liike the Dragons, and i like eat what thay eat, lol, to be a Dragon

  4. Ya they are definantly a nice treat... highly recommend... me and wife saw one at HEB and saw the price... we almost didn't get it... but we both wanted to try... we cut into it and saw the white meat with loads of little black seeds... kinda scared us both.. but we tried it and both liked it... if u haven't tried one... defanantly try one...