Friday, July 02, 2010


A friend of mine questioned my loyalty to being Canadian. I can say it HURT. I was taken back by the remark for a moment and remembered a very wise remark a few years ago that "it is none of your business what other people think of you." What people think and what they know to be true are not the same. I am and always will be a proud Canadian no matter the location I may be in.

Yesterday I quietly celebrated Canada's birthday and thought of all my family and friends enjoying BBQ's and fireworks. Not that I ever need a reason to celebrate life. This weekend I choose to celebrate my country of birth that will always be part of me, part of my heart just not the place I hang my hat and I will also celebrate the 4th my home the place we choose to live, the place that inspires me to grow, to explore to achieve greatness.

PS I also celebrate Thanksgiving 2x too!

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day aka Happy 4th

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