Friday, January 08, 2010


I just want to say BRAVO a silly thing like a color on your facebook profile has created a buzz and people talking. I know many people have said how ridiculous it is and why would anyone want to know what color bra you are wearing. It was a fun and harmless and spread like wild fire. For those of you who felt it was stupid or what ever you might want to look at the below passage and think about what a simple color in your profile can really do. All this week while on vacation I will not be updating my profile but will have my favorite bra color up.

Jen - love you and SAVE THE TATA's keep your voice loud so our girls don't go through what you have.

Conversation from Mike's profile....

Mike - Black

comment name removed - Thanks for supporting breast awareness...oops...I mean breast cancer awareness. How the heck does telling the whole world your bra color make people aware of anything?? Facebook annoys me sometime (or rather some of the brilliant ideas the masses on fb subscribe to)

Jennifer Reisenbichler-Wealer if you're talking about breast cancer right now, then you're becoming aware of it--being brought back out into the front of your mind. as a 2 time survivor, who is still undergoing treatment while caring for 3 small children, i appreciate your support MIKE!! i know you were being silly but you got people talking about it! good for you, my friend!! save the tatas!!!!!!!! may my girls & elizabeth never suffer what i have the past 3 years!;)

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