Saturday, February 07, 2009


Well it all turned out way better than I could have imagined. Last night we had 5 boys spend the night to celebrate my son's 11th birthday. The night started out with the tramp and then 6 boys in my kitchen, kneading dough and making pizza. The night consisted of more trampoline, Wii, piano, singing and a lot of laughing. Yes, Piano - Colton one of the boys is a self taught pianist and very good. The singing was to a TV show they all must watch, as the 6 of them sang while making pizza.

When it got dark the try boys came out including Dad. We have an open field behind our house and it has a pack of coyotes. A stealth operation with flash lights and binoculars lead to a late night adventure walk with Dad in the lead. I think it was about 1:00 before the last one went to sleep and to my knowledge no one got their finger nails painted for falling asleep first.

7am - it started all over with a big breakfast. What a really great group of boys who are always welcome to come and hang at our house. No one wanted it to end.

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  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    That is so cool for kids to have friends over for the night. I have really good memories of having kids over or going to friends homes for overnight. Our kids had overnighters as well. It is always fun for the kids, not always quite so much for the parents. The kids will never for get that kind of fun. Reeny