Monday, February 23, 2009

To do Vitamins or Not to do Vitamin that is the question...

Question #1 Do you take vitamins?
My answer 4 years ago was, I did when I was pregnant but not right now.
I also asked this question on Facebook - 10 people responded 7 yes/3 no

Question #2 What kind of vitamins do you take?
I take the Vitality Pack. My Dr. recommended that I take vitamins because we just don't get the nutrients from our food. I said to him but I eat a healthy balanced diet, lots of fruits and vegetables. He came back to me with that is important BUT much of our food today just does not have the nutrient value that it did at one time.

So I did a bit of reading about this and it makes sense - we have depleted our soil with over production our fruits and vegetables and they are picked before they are ripened not able to get what they need from the soil or the sun. Think about is have you ever eaten a tomato right from the garden as apposed to even a vine ripened tomato from the grocery store - completely different taste.

My Facebook response - GNC, Generic, Juice Plus, Vitality, One a Day, Multivitamin

4 Things to consider when buying Vitamins
1.What do they cost?
2. What do they have in them? is it the correct dose that you need?
3. Do they absorb?
4. Do you feel different when you take them? or maybe look at it this way do you feel different if you forget to take them?

With budgets tightening we are looking for value. Looking at vitamins they can range so drastically in price and just because a vitamin is expensive certainly does not make it the best vitamin to take.

Are you taking the proper amount for your age and gender, vitamins are specific to each group of people because our bodies need different amounts.

Interesting fact - the 2 leading selling brands of vitamins on the market Centrum and One a Day - have under 10% Solubility of Copper, Iron, Manganese & Zinc * this info was taken from Merck Index and Handbook of Chemistry and Physics My Vitality Pack that I take is 85% Solubility *this has been scientifically proven and independently verified more about my vitamins and why they are the most bio available vitamins on the market.

I read a story a while back that talked about the city of Phoenix having to clean out the sewer system, I believe it was every 3 months ( I could be off a bit) because of all the vitamins that did not absorb and ended up in the sewer.

Do you feel different?
This is the key, when you take your vitamins do you feel different? I rather look at it like this, if you forget do you feel different. I know if I miss even just one day I can tell.

This weekend we were watching a show and on came the commercial, and I can't remember the prescription drug that it was for but we laughed about all the side effects. 1/2 of the commercial was about the different ailments the drug can cause when taking it. I guess I would rather be proactive than reactive with side effects.

So my final thought is we take care of the engine in our car, we change oil, we clean filters, we make sure the tires have the right mount of air and we swear that it runs better when it is clean why wouldn't we do the same for our bodies. I decide to take action and give my body every chance it has in fighting free radicals and filling in the gaps I am missing in my diet. Do your home work before you waste money on vitamins and make sure you are getting value. Just my thoughts....on this whole subject of vitamins :-)

On a side note I am also growing my own tomatoes, and looking at what other veggies I can container grow.

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