Sunday, January 04, 2009

Advancing your business in 2009

Here are 7 ultra quick FireTips no matter what your business:

1) Quit procrastinating and go talk to the people that you have been delaying to talk to- NOW.

2) Plan out your month, then week, then days withall the activity needed to drive volume-and thenTAKE ACTION on the plan.

3) Start talking to ANYONE that is within your talking zone-compliment, ask a question, or just say hi-but CONNECT in some way- DAILY.

4) Quit playing with Social Media and get serious about your marketing efforts in web 2.0 land-make a social media blueprint.

5) Set targets that stretch you-but inspire you.What? You have no goals? GET SOME.

6) Ask everyone you know for 1 REFERRAL-and then follow up with that referral- most do not- but YOU WILL.

7) Make a list of the top 5 reasons why you MUST succeed at your business. Then make a list of the5 reasons why you may NOT succeed. Then tear one of the lists up - and start focusing on the other.Your choice-your Success.

These are 7 FireTips for you and your business for2009.

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