Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hurricane Dolly

Weather is a wonderful thing, if it did not change what would we talk to strangers about......

All my life I have lived in an area that the only bad weather was cold and of the white kind.

Texas - is a huge state and has all kinds of weather. We are in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and can expect just about anything. Yes, it still snows here but not every year and it rarely lasts but a day.
Tornadoes - yep one hit 2 miles away the month before we moved in. HOT and Humid - yep today 103.

Hurricane Dolly and for that matter hurricanes in general do not have a huge effect on the area we live. We can expect some rain maybe a bit more humidity and some wind....we need the rain. Unfortunately Dolly hit to far south to push any moisture our way maybe Hanna or Josephine will.

Friday - who decides what to name the storms?

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