Friday, May 02, 2008


I have been thinking about family a great deal these days - well always actually. As we seem to move farther away distance wise I find myself reaching out to connect more.

My business has allowed me to help so many strangers and as I reflect and think about giving to those who I love. I realize just how lucky I am. Many of us give to organisations we fill strongly about and forget about the person who might be right in our life who could use a hand. Makes me think of when my mom became a single parent how even her ex-sister in law helped out.

The community I live in really is full of givers in the old farm fashion way. If someone has a baby or a family loses a loved on, friends and neighbors are pitching in to take care of dinner. A small child has cancer and the family has no insurance, the community has a benefit and raises 1000's....I remember a $1200 haircut - with an audience. Tends to rub off.

So I challenge all who read, skip a dinner out and take the $ and give it to someone who is on hard times. Everyone of us has a family member out there who could use a hand - who would never ask who just needs a break. To know there family is there to help them thru hard times.

Paying it forward really can work.....

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