Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Work From Home

Yesterday I was reminded as to how wonderful it is to work from home.

In the morning after dropping the kids off to school I had a training call - soaked in the hot tub while doing the training. Helped me business partners plan for the month of April as well as set my own goals.

My contractor showed up so I was able to meet with him about some curb appeal projects we are working on for the house.

Finished working the morning and then had a play date with my friend Debra at the coffee shop for a friendly game of scrabble - we both were told how wonderful to play on a Tuesday afternoon. She beat me by the way.

In the afternoon I had 2 appointments, was home when the kids got off school and got to spend 1.5 at the pool during swim practice.

What a great way to work the day :-)

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