Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Making lemonade out of lemons

Yesterday while flying into Denver from Wyoming I was very fortunate to be able to sit with a friend of mine and catch up. With both of us having busy lives we seldom get in a visit.

"C" had a business meeting at the airport with his boss and I figured I would be hangin out on my own - which I never have a problem with. Even better I got to have lunch with Debra, crazy I know we live in the same town, our kids go to the same school and we have lunch in the Denver airport.

Well after enjoying lunch I walk to my gate and Debra to hers. Our flight is delayed and we go to the United desk to see if we can get on the earlier flight, while standing in line they announce Debra's flight as being cancelled. Back to the cafe, Debra was able to change her flight over the phone instead of standing in a line of more the 50 people and we continued our visit. We both arrived at our final destination.

So what could have been a very long day in the airport turned out to be a wonderful day of drinking lemonade :-) Thanks Debra!

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