Thursday, February 21, 2008

Left you hangin

The last couple of days have been very stressful. I need to go home and color my hair because my hair is

At the end of day 1 - 2 houses short listed. I have to admit I was excited in particular to one of the houses as it was only to drywall stage and I could finish choosing all the colors and finishes. (occupational hazard of an interior designer) Well that excitement was diffused by......things had already been picked long ago - it was a marketing gimmick. Being an interior designer I am well aware of how long it takes to get cabinets delivered. The builder told our Realtor we were 72 hours late.....NO SALE FOR YOU, they got delivered yesterday.

House number 2 - many of the things I love about it but it is going to require a lot of cosmetic work......tons of paint and wall paper removal.

So back to the drawing board.....looked at 5 more houses....a rough sleep a little mental break down and onto day 3......thank goodness we have Roger. Roger diverted a huge melt down on my part.

Today - 2 houses on the short list again, both houses we had seen on day one and one of them was short listed......the one that needs work. I am okay with which ever house pans out....we went back and walked thru both a second time, took loads of pictures and well hey I am an interior designer and I can change a look with a bit of work. Both houses have good bones the rest will can change with paint.

3 crazy days......... we are flying home in the morning. Can't wait to get home to see the kids.

I am excited about the move, every person we met or came into contact with this past week was very nice. The school the kids will attend is unbelievable and we had a great tour by a young man who is in 4th grade. Who better to give the tour than a student. And did I mention the grass is turning green and buds are starting to come out and I am wearing my flip flops.

Back to sell and get moving.

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