Monday, January 21, 2008

The 6 Habits of Goal Achievers

The first step is you have to let go of old habits and adopt new ones. There are 6 crucial habits that you have to master. When you do these 6 things, you no longer have to worry about setting and achieving your goals - you will just do it! And, when this happens, you'll feel empowered, your self-confidence will take a huge leap and best of all, you'll knock down doors of opportunities that before have felt insurmountable.

Habit #1 - Conquer Fear The first habit is to overcome your fears. Fear is a goal stopper! Think of the goals you have only dreamed of but never made a plan to achieve. Think about how much happier you would be if you could just achieve that certain career, health, financial, relationship or education goal.
In this section I will reveal the six types of fear that get in your way of achieving goals. You'll be given the tools to combat each one of them. In a matter of days you'll confidently face your fears.

Habit #2 - Free Yourself from Perfectionism There are healthy and unhealthy sides of perfectionism. The unhealthy side leads us to set unattainable, lofty goals that no one could reach. We punish and criticize ourselves until we kill off our faith, hopes and dreams.
In this section you will learn to shed that burden and the anxiety that comes with trying to set and achieve goals as a perfectionist.

Habit #3 - Stop Procrastinating Many women struggle with procrastination for years. We want to break free so we can achieve professional and academic success, have fulfilling relationships, a cleaner house or even a healthy body.
The good news is procrastination is learned and it can be unlearned with the right tools. This section gives you everything you need to know to break free from the “ball and chain” and begin to live a more productive life.

Habit #4 - Goal Setting and Achieving Know-How This section of the course is the practical information you need to achieve your goals. You'll learn the strategies and techniques I have used for years to accomplish my goals. In no time you'll have them mastered. You'll achieve your goals faster than you ever have before. You'll also learn about my goal "litmus test." Before you even pursue a goal this will tell you whether you'll be successful or not.

Habit #5 - Victorious Values Values are your own ideals and principles that guide you in everyday life. Much of the unhappiness that people experience comes from believing one thing and doing another. But when your goals and values are in harmony, progress begins.
In this section I lead you through a value discovery process. You will finish this section intimately familiar with your values. You'll be energized to pursue your goals with vigor.

Habit #6 - Optimism It's a fact of life that there will always be obstacles that need to be overcome while in pursuit of your dreams. In this section you'll learn how to let go of negativity and embrace optimism. You will increase your resilience and your ability to maintain hope through tough times.

What are your goals?

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